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Weigh India offers the most comprehensive range of Precision weights and Mass standards. It has achieved an accreditation in our laboratory by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL), Dept. of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, as per ISO 17025 guidelines. The products manufactured adhere to all quality specifications as per OIML R111- 1, edition 2004 (E) which specifies weights of class M2, M1, F2, F1 & E1.

Weigh India has always stood to its customers commitment by taking a lead in the following:

Pioneers and most experienced: Being the most experienced and pioneers in this field; Weigh India has been offering quality service to their clients from 1984. The quality of our products clearly demonstrates our long experience in this field.

Staff: Having recognized metrologist and trained calibrators on staff ensures quality and timely delivery.

Accuracy is our policy: We firmly believe and act on our motto i.e. ‘Accuracy is our Policy.’ And thus weights produced and services provided are of utmost quality as we choose to give quality over low rates.

Minimal uncertainties: Over the years Weigh India has continued to expand and increase its expertise in measuring and measurement capabilities and thus enabling us to produce measurements with minimal uncertainties.

Tracebility: We provide all data and traceability information needed for calibration items. Weigh India offers a variety of calibration certificates(as follows) to meet your specific needs

-Weigh India Calibration Laboratory and Traceability from National Physical Laboratory.
-State Inspectorate of Legal Metrology (Only M1, M2)
-Regional Reference Standard Laboratory( M1 & F2)
-National Physical Laboratory of India along with our weights.(F1, E2, E1)

You can choose the certification needed according to your requirements.

Certificates are described in detail in the “Certificate Options“.

Finest Raw materials: The success of a high-quality weight starts with the careful selection of its raw material. We source only the finest quality austenitic steel possessing low magnetic properties, good stability & resistance to corrosion which establishes the basis for the accurate manufacturing of reference standards.

Packaging with care: Customized teak wooden boxes lined with velvet lining ensure that not only are the products made with utmost care but also delivered to our customers hand safely.