Recommended “Use” Statement

Our customers have come up with many great ideas for the Toy Loader and we hope to someday expand the scope of it’s uses. However, for now, because of the ever-present liability / insurance reasons, we have to put limits on “recommended” Toy Loader use for only that of which it has been tested. Pulling capacity is partially dependent on strength of attachment material (vehicle material, design, etc.), manner of attachment and ramp angle, i.e., 800 lbs of “free-wheeling” weight at a 30 degree ramp angle. Slightly more “free-wheeling” weight may be possible at lower ramp angles. Safe use of anything more, or different than that, will have to be left to the discretion of the operator. We know our customers have and will use the Toy Loader for many other tasks and we are always happy to hear how well it works. However as with all tools / devices of this nature, there are inherent dangers and it’s ultimately up to the customer to use their best discretion for safe operation. That said, we can’t emphasis enough how important it is to always use good common sense and caution at all times. If for any reason you decide to use the TL for other purposes please keep the following in mind at all times before any attempts to load anything:

  • Vehicle is free-wheeling (out of gear)
  • Total weight
  • Longer ramps with lower ramp angles are always best (30 degrees or less)
  • Always keep a watch out for excessive flexing of all components
  • Snatch Block Pulley use lessens stress on all components including electrical systems

Toy Loader’s Limited Warranty

Warranty – The Toy Loader System has a 2 year limited Warranty, covering material defects in material and/or workmanship only. Warranty does not cover over loading or damage due to failure to properly assemble, install or use the Toy Loader per specified instructions. All consequential and incidental damages are excluded under the warranty. Damage to your vehicle, your cargo or to any other person or property is excluded. Any use of the Toy Loader, other than which it is intended (per instructions), and/or any modification made, thereto, will render warranty null and void.
Returns – Warranty Period for all returns is 30 days.  The customer is responsible for the shipping charges back to Toy Loader.  If the product has actually been installed, removed, scratched/marred surface, missing TL parts and/or hardware, the customer may incur a damaged/restock fee.
Winch Warranty – Refer to the Manufacturer