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Cylindrical Knob Type Weights


Scale – 1mg – 50 kg

Class – E1 , E2 , F1 , F2 , M1 , M2

Material – Stainless steel, Brass (Only for M1 & M2 Class)

Construction: Consists of a body and a lifting knob. The lifting knob is specifically designed for use with forceps or some other lifting device. Each weight (except Class E1, E2 weights) is marked with its nominal value. The design confirms to OIML 111-1

– one-piece construction for E1, E2, M1 & M2 class weights.

– two-piece construction for F1 & F2 class weights.

One piece construction indicates the weight is manufactured from a single uniform piece of stainless steel, the weight has no other material added to it, and it has no method of adjustment other than removing material by polishing. Class E1, E2 & M1, M2 weights are of one-piece construction but E1 E2 do not have any adjusting material whereas M1 M2 class have an adjusting cavity on the top of weight and are adjusted by lead material. Two piece construction indicates The body of the weight is the primary piece and the knob of the weight is the secondary piece. The knob has a thread that screws into the body and is tightened. There is a cavity below the knob thread in the body which contains
adjusting material, typically the same material from which the weight is made.F1 and F2. F1 and F2 class are adjusted with same material from which they are made.

Polishing : All surfaces are polished to a perfect, mirror-like finish and meet or exceed OIML R 111 specifications.

Suggested markets : Suggested Markets for OIML Precision Weights include, but are not limited to,
pharmaceutical, forensic, chemical and nuclear industries.

Casing : Individual/set of weights packed in polished wooden box line with velvet and provided with forces + gloves. We customize casing according to our customer needs.